Made in China, read by the world

What started as a bold idea to radically revamp China Daily many months ago is now just seven days away from becoming a reality.

On March 1, we will launch a dynamic new version of China Daily.
A creative team of top Chinese and international journalists have worked tirelessly to deliver a new product that will better inform the world on Chinacentric and global events.

We have created a fresh visual look that gives you more engaging stories and easier access to information. It is a multicultural product that combines the best design techniques from newspapers, magazines and books in the East and West.

The new China Daily style uses sophisticated typography that combines styles of classicism and modernism in the font world. The fonts are modern versions of classic fonts, and have been specifically drawn for the newspaper medium.

In music, the silence between the notes is often as important as the notes themselves. This is a philosophy adopted in our new design. White space has been dramatically increased to make content easier to read.

Along with the revamped presentation, the editors at China Daily have also taken an introspective look at our content and have focused in on what you want. We will not only bring you the biggest stories in China, but also analyze the how and why, and explain what trends they might reflect and how they affect the world.

Among the many changes in China Daily's content shift you will notice "Cover Story", a daily in-depth report that will cast an investigative eye on China's and the world's most important and controversial topics.

While we examine the big picture, we will be looking at the smaller one, too. Another new feature, "China Face", will shed light on the diversity of China's culture. From villagers to rock stars, "China Face" tells the stories that make up the China.

Our new opinion pages are a place for diversity. We cherish opinions and commentary from all walks of life. This forum for debate, discourse and discussion is designed to help the world understand China and to help China understand the world.

As China continues to rise on the world stage, we will be sending news teams not only throughout China but also across the globe. New bureaus are in the works in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Americas. Although China Daily will be made in China, it will be read by the world.

Don't miss next Monday's issue of China Daily, which will include a comprehensive guide on how to navigate the new design and content. Join us for the start of an exciting new era on March 1, 2010.

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